"Thank you for the copy of your book Mary. What an amazing story and really enjoyed reading it. A great insight into the life of Johnny as well. I know of several people who will gain a lot of hope and courage from it as well."

Carol Mehl

"Good luck with your book. I’m sure a lot more people, not just me, now have a much better idea about what autism encompasses and how great strides can be made in helping these children reach their full potential."

Robin H.

"Thank you for your wonderful book. It was with very tired eyes and great reluctance that I had to return it to the bedside table very late each night last week until I finished it. It kept drawing me on. What a wonderful story and what an incredible lady."

Gill W.

"I started reading and could not put your book down, finished it in one day."

Barbara M.

"Just a few lines to say CONGRATULATIONS and that the launching of your book yesterday was a truly inspirational afternoon Mary.
We all learnt so much about your personal journey and your determination and courage, through your writing, to bring to us all the facts about autism and how it effects the lives of those who have it as well as the problems that surround their family members and friends.
The venue, presentation, speeches, flowers, food, wine etc could not have been more perfect and I want to sincerely thank you for including me on your guest list. It was a most rewarding and educational afternoon.."
Warm Regards,

Wendy H.

"Just finished reading your book. I’m so impressed. It’s beautifully written and so interesting, particularly to me as a Special Education teacher. Well done."
Sandy M.

"Thankyou for how you have honoured the extraordinary work of Cath McCarthy. The lack of interest in her methods by doctors at the time showed the limitations of the medical profession. Your book will hopefully contribute to the work that has been done since to help children with autism."

Anna Russell