Mary Ann Napper was born in 1946 in Dubbo, NSW. She and her twin brother were the eldest of six children. At the age of five her parents relocated to Wollongong on the South Coast. Upon leaving school Napper moved to Sydney to study nursing.

Mary Ann NapperAfter her graduation Napper spent thirty five years working as a registered nurse in mental health. In her early twenties she travelled and worked in Europe and England where she met her first husband. After her divorce in 1985 Napper moved to Mosman on Sydney’s lower north shore where she raised two children as a single parent. Twenty years later she remarried and now has four grandchildren and seven step grandchildren. Napper is retired and lives with her husband, Arthur, at Bayview overlooking Pittwater north of Sydney. Like many grandparents she struggles to keep pace with her grandchildren in their rapidly developing world of technology.

Napper believes that living is about having dreams and striving to realize them.

Her debut novella, ‘Born To Fly,’ was self-published in 2014 and in some ways was a personal journey in her resolve to come to terms with growing up with a profoundly autistic twin brother. It allowed her to explore her own childhood and appreciate her brother’s uniqueness

‘Born To Fly’ commemorates the life work of Cath McCarthy, a Mothercraft nurse, who pioneered treatment interventions in the 1940s and 50s when the term autism was not widely known or recognized. The author was inspired by McCarthy’s documented case history about a profoundly autistic child who was removed from an asylum and placed in her care. McCarthy was a woman before her time and ‘Born To Fly’is her story.

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